Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring Hairstyle - Crop or Posh

I first saw Victoria Beckam showed off her crop hairstyle at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes wedding. I thought she looked sharp and futuristic.

But, looks like someone is "inspired" by her and getting a similar haircut. I wonder if this will be the new spring or summer hair trend for 2007. I will not be surprise to see other celebrities getting the same look; but frankly, I will be quite disappointed. Come on, be original and creative, especially if someone is a celebrity or artist and to be famous!

Would you agree or disagree? Let me know which other celebrity also has similar hairstyle, if you know.


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Can Wrist Braces Be Fashionable?

For the past few days, I have been suffering from Carpal tunnel Syndrom. To visitors who check back regularly, I have not disappeared, I simply couldn't type. My left hand became so numb and painful and weak to be doing anything at all. Even now, I am wearing a wrist brace to help heal the condition. Once my hand recovers, hopefully in a couple of days, I will add some new fashion topic to the blog.

In the mean time, this is what you will find me wearing.

Do you think it can be a fashion or trend one day because so many of us are constantly typing on computer? :-) I wonder if I put a Louis Vuitton or Gucci Logo on it, I will look more attractive??? Any suggestions on making it look prettier?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hairbands by EvaJunie (Korea)

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to putting together the look for going out? For me, it is dealing with my hair that is the biggest challenge. My hair doesn't have much texture, it's just soft and straight. The fact that I have a 4 inches long bang makes it even harder, the bang doesn't like to stay on the side nor stay up onto the back; it easily falls on my eyes and it is quiet irritating.

So, what should I do? Does anyone have any good tip about handling my hair especially my bang?

Hairbands have become a big fashion trend in recent years, so far I only have a black one that I mostly use for when I wash my face at night. But, since there are so many nice varieties in the market now, I am thinking of putting them onto good use for myself too.

These hairbands are just a few types that I like, they are from a Korean clothing company called EvaJunie.

Thin or thick, plain or pattern, I think they all look nice especially seeing how this model put them together.
With the hairbands, she looks lovely and very feminie. What do you think?


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Most wanted in Vogue - VPL

Vogue's Most Wanted
VPL Tidal Bra and Undi were voted as most wanted items for this week in Vogue. They come in 2 colors: light grey and nude.

What about the sandals from VPL? I think they are definitely eye-catching, pretty sure someone on the street will ask "where you got that cool sandals" ...

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Shopping Weekend

I am excited to tell you gals what I found in my shopping trip today. Husband, husband's family and I went shopping at the Westfield Shopping Mall. The first 15 minutes as I was browsing in the shoe department wasn't that exciting because my husband was getting bored ... ;-) I know, tell me about it, what is it about men that they simply become tired or bored or sleepy in the shopping mall even for mere 10 or 15 minutes??? So I decided to walk around on my own so that he could go hunt for things that interest him in the men's department. We parted and go on our separate ways.

From then on, it was very productive for me. First I made a stop at Sephora, tested some new fragrances. I must say Miss Dior Cherie smells the best.

The smell isn't too heavy and actually rather sophisticated. It's definitely good for going out on dates especially during the evening.

Next stop, Banana Republic, since I needed additional work clothes. But, I only ended up buying one blouse though which was on sale.

Then into Macy's. I think it must have been fate, I saw the wedge shoes from Naturalizer on the shelf with the exact basil green color that I loved so much. Without further ado, I paid and bought it.

Trust me, the shoe is comfortable and not heavy as you think it might be from how it looks. Another huge advantage is that it added an extra 2 inches height without the pain and soreness that you get from high heels.

Beauty section is around the corner of the shoes department, I couldn't help but to look for a white eye pencil that has become a new trend lately. It is supposed to make our eyes bigger; it's not the convention of black eyeliner makes eyes appear bigger anymore. Both my favorite counters - Dior and Chanel don't carry any white pencil for eyes, but Lancome does.

Le Crayon Khol, the smoky, smudgy eyeliner was voted the Best of Beauty Hall of Fame by Allure. It glides on skin very easily and it blends beautifully. Love white!

Have you seen the new eye palette from Lancome? Color Design Pop Cherub Palette in cherie shade. I am confident that you will love it too.

The green and silver look amazing. These two colors come shimmering. The pink and brown are matte but I was told that if I use in combination of pink and shimmering silver, I will still create that shimmering effect. The green, frankly is not just any ordinary green, you got to see it.

The case is as nice as its color palette. It's a keeper. Silver chrome engraved with Lancome signature. This limited edition unit is rather expensive I think, but hopefully I will make good use of it. One minute when I checked it on Macy's online it was still there, but the next minute I believe the item has sold out. It's no longer on

So, how much did I spend?

Blouse from Banana Republic: $19.99 (original price $39.99)
Wedge shoes from Naturalizer: $49.99 (original price $59)
Eyeliner from Lancome: $22
Eye Shadow from Lancome: $50
Total Spending: $141.98

Worth it. I totally enjoyed the saturday afternoon, spending 3 hours in the mall looking through various beautiful things. I would do it again. :-)

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Handbags from Kathy Van Zeeland

In most recent Macy's catalog, I saw a nice satchel bag and I was going to buy it through Too bad, the bag is not on sale in macy's nor in anywhere else. But, I checked out the designer's website anyways. It's my first time to ever see any bags from this brand, Kathy Van Zeeland, has a bag called Belted Shopper from its Crown Royal collection in silver. Bags are relatively inexpensive, the one in the catalog costs $89.

Just found out that I can purchase some of Kathy's bags from These are the top 4 items that I like.
Crown Royale Dome Satchel
Crown Royale Dome Satchel in silver $79

Greatest Whites Dome Satchel
Greatest Whites Dome Satchel in white $79

Crown Royale Large Dome Satchel
Crown Royale Large Dome Satchel in black $89

Perfect Mom Nylon Satchel
Perfect Mom Nylon Satchel in green $89


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Women Scents - FragranceNet

Nina RicciI saw this Nina Ricci fragrance from a magazine, I love the bottle and based on the review, it is supposed to smell fruity seductive.

Mmmm ... yum yum.

I tried looking around for it but to no avail. Since I can't find it, I decided to post other fragrances that also smell lovely.

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer     Prada Eau De Perfume
Calvin Klein Eternity Summer $47.19 (retail $50)
Prada Eau De Perfume ... $57.79 (retail $65)

Yves Saint Lauren Baby Doll     Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au the vert
Yves Saint Lauren Baby Doll $30.79 (retail: $47)
Bvlgari Eau Parfumee ... $56.19 (retail: $85)

Dior Miss Dior Cherie     Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise Blue
Dior Miss Dior Cherie ... $45.79 (retail: $50)
Estee Lauder Paradise Blue $46.79 (retail: $49.50)

* all items listed are in different sizes.


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